Grill Royal, last night in Berlin

Grill royal
Grill Royal
was recommended to me as a place to eat.  The trendy new restaurant that is big with the art crowd.  That would not be for the starving artist.  I asked my concierge about Grill Royal and she said to stick with what we have.  She was concerned about our culinary experience vs the scene.  Then, someone Fred knows who is a VC in Berlin came by the hotel with his girlfriend and they both said that we must go to the Grill Royal.  I wasn't thoroughly convinced yet but we gave it some thought.  Then the next day, Jessica and I were doing a little shopping at the Corner.  She bought something and the guy who ran the store was checking us out.  We asked where Vau was since we were having dinner there that particular evening.  He told it us where it was an then asked, "have you been to Grill Royal"?  He asked us with a deep French accent speaking English.  We said we had not.  He says "Vau is so fucking boring, if you are in Berlin, you must go to Grill Royal!".  Well, that was it.  Jessica and I kept repeating what he said over and over for the next day.  So fucking boring!  Go to the Grill Royal.  And so we did.

The story behind the Grill Royal is this.  The guy who owns is it collects emerging artists.  He has never sold a piece and everything has gone up in value.  He decided to sell one piece and with that amount he was able to open Grill Royal.  The restaurant contains work from his collection. 

The restaurants vibe reminded me a little bit of Los Angeles but on the water.  Big booths, open grill kitchen.  Probably really nice in the summer months.  The food is nothing to write home about but the vibe is good.  Everyone enjoyed their food from salads to steak to fish.  Simple and easy.

Last night in Berlin.  Josh got a big kiss from Jess.  Love the city.  Hope to be back in warmer days.

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  1. ryan poll

    I love hearing about the owner collecting emerging artists!! Very cool.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I thought so too.