Last day in Milan

Since the kids woke up around 130ish, it wasn't a big day.  Honestly, that is fine.  Milan was our entry point to the vacation.  We did the one thing that we wanted to do today which is go to 10 Corso Como

We took the subway out there.  The city is spread out and very few neighborhoods are worth the stroll  Corso Como is owned by the sister of the Editor of Vogue Italian.  The selection is incredible.  Highly curated from clothes to housewares to candles.  I am sure I could have found a million things to purchase but the truth is when everything in the US is 75% off, it is truly hard to make the purchase.  You feel like an idiot paying full price and why would you?  The stores and the streets are not exactly teeming with people.  My gut tells me that the stores are having a really difficult time and we will see major reductions come January 2nd which is when the Government allows the stores to mark down the goods.  Too bad that someone at Corso Como couldn't have whispered in our ear that whatever we buy they will give us the discount that they will give in January.  Alas, so we only bought Emily a hat and that's about it.  When we get to Paris we will see the reality of the situation that all of the stores are in come January 2nd.  If you don't get rid of your winter/fall merchandise at that point you are truly screwed once cruise and spring start coming through the door.

We took a cab back to our neighborhood and a few of us had something to eat and drink at the local patisserie and then went out to dinner a few hours later.

Milan is an interesting city.  Lots of history.  Concrete jungle.  Probably a huge underground of private clubs and restaurants.  Glad we came because I have always been curious about Milan and now I have satisfied my curiosity. 

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  1. Gotham Gal

    Exactly. Never say never..

  2. Ale

    Sorry I didn’t read your and Fred’s blog before you came. Milan is my hometown, many people don’t like it and surely is worse than Florence, Rome and Venice but it still is full of hidden gems. You probably won’t be back here soon (unless I find out a way to have your husband investing in one of our start ups) but never say never…BestA.