Looking for gas

Yesterday I drove to Williamsburg.  As we were about to get on to the Brooklyn Bridge (easier from my house), I realized that we were out of gas.  The yellow dot was shining meaning I was on fumes.  Once we got over the bridge, I went over to Atlantic figuring there would be a gas station.  There was but it was now closed.  Jessica got out of the car and asked someone who said to go over to Third Avenue, which we did and we did find gas.  I am sure that my car had not been that low on gas since High School.  I was just waiting for the car to come to an abrupt halt.  Would not be pretty.

Gas stations in NYC have become few and far between.  Brooklyn has a few more but seeing one closed makes me think that Brooklyn is following right behind NYC with the closing of gas stations.  Having electric cars in NYC would be impossible because if you have to park on the street, it would be hard to charge the car.  One could say why do we need a car in NYC?  We use it to drive out to the beach and it is a luxury but believe me the car is used. 

So, what is the future going to look like for getting gas in NYC or Brooklyn?  Today the NYTimes came out with a study that the growth of NYC commuters has taken place in public transportation vs cars.  That is a great thing.  Are garages going to have singular pumps where you can fill up if needed?  Will there electrical outlets?  Will the city create different modes of public transportation such as trams?  This is a big issue from traffic to pollution to becoming greener. 

Not sure anyone is thinking about this but I was quite freaked yesterday.  In NYC, gas is getting harder and harder to come by. 

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  1. Gotham Gal

    Had stuff to pick up. Agreed….subway is much betterjoanne [email protected]

  2. Jon

    Why would you drive to Williamsburg when the L train is quicker and cheaper? Pointless.