Milan day 2

Today we literally dragged ourselves out of bed.  I think if we didn't have tickets to see The Last Supper at 1230, we would have all slept into about 3pm. 

After a quick breakfast we walked over to see The Last Supper.  Keep in mind that you need to buy tickets in advance or forget it.  Many people walked in while I was retrieving our tickets very bummed that the showing was sold out until mid-January.  Unless of course there is a cancellation.  Only 25 people at a time are allowed in.  Serious security on the way in too. 

The good news for us is there many people didn't show up and didn't tell them so they could fill the spots.  We had a 1230 showing and it was us and 8 other people.  It was quite amazing.  I believe for almost 10 + years nobody could see the painting because it was being restored.  It has been reopened only since 1999. 

 Painted into the wall is The Last Supper.  Lots of room to wander and benches to sit in.  You get 15 minutes.  With only 13 people including us, it was quite an experience. 

After we walked back through Milan and stopped by the Sforza castle which was built 1400's. Militarily key.

Then off to the food markets where the Xmas stalls are.  Walked through Peck which is a high end food store connected to Cracco where we had dinner last night.  I was not impressed.  Almost too perfect and too high end for all of us.  We then walked over to the Duomo and checked that out.  Went on the search for the perfect pizzeria which ended up being closed and had a mediocre lunch at Bar Brera which is where the University students hang.  Then back to the hotel for the hang.

Watched Doubt ( friend hooked Jessica up ) and just chilled.  A nice day in Milan. 

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