Music of 2008

 I have always been a fan of indie music.  Continue to listen to new stuff, go to see live music, and always have music on in the house.  Funny thing is, in years past, I used to be the music maven.  Now, I really just follow suit to what is happening in the house.  Most of my recommendations come from the rest of the family.  Then I decide to get into it or not. Once in a while I do spend time searching and listening but in general, we all sort of end up in the same spot.  Regardless, here is my top music listens for 2008.

There is no random order and I didn't try to stick to 10, it just worked out that way except for the 3 extras at the bottom.  So in essence, the list is 13.

Conor Oberst  I have been listening to Oberst's music from the first CD he put out.  Love his music, love the sound.  A true talent.

Fleet Foxes  Sounds old but is new.  Melodic and pop at the same time.  For me, a good new sound.

MGMT, Oracular Spectacular  Electronic yet melodic and a very different sound.  A huge hit in our house.

Bon Iver, For Ever, Forever Ago  One man band, soothing voice, indie folk at its best.

Thao, We Brave Bee Stings and All  Upbeat, catchy, original pop

Vampire Weekend  Love them, love the music, love the look.  Prepsters from Columbia University.

She & Him, Volume 1  M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel.  Country crooners take you back to a different era.

Lykke Li, Youth Novels  Swedish, indie, electronica, blues and dance all wrapped into one.

Little Joy  Strokes drummer takes a happy fun turn on good solid indie pop

Jason Collet, Heres to Being Here  You just want to sing along and play on your guitar

Three others that I must mention.  Didn't get as much play time but I did enjoy them.

The Kooks, Konk  Second album and what can I say, I do love the Kooks

Spiritualized, Songs in A & E  Good mellow music.  A couple of songs I still play over and over again

Kings of Leon, Only by the Night  Loved this second album. Most talented rock band out there now.

And so that is it.  My list for 2008.  Always looking for new.  Little Jackie made my list in 2007 because I had access early but should be on many lists for 2008.  She rocks.  I'm almost burnt on this list.  Looking for new music in 2009.  

Comments (Archived):

  1. laurab

    loved your list. saw 4 of the bands above. loved the thao show at bowery. equally loved she & the list i’d add jenny lewis, glasvegas, m83…and the killers. yes, the killers. are we human or are we dancer?

    1. Gotham Gal

      Have to give Jenny Lewis another try. DidnĀ¹t love it. Do like the Killersand liked one particular track off that CD. The other 2…do not know andplan on listening to them today.