Omigod food moments of 2008

 Love the lists.  This year, in addition to the top music of the year, I decided to create a list of the most memorable omigod food moments of 2008.  When you think about, it just shows how my brain works.  I can remember the meals that I had but I can’t remember people’s names.

There are many things that go into the top food moments.  Taste is the most important.  Also there can’t help but be the cost experience ratio.  I probably expect more from something when I am paying top dollar.  So, with that being said, here goes.

Most creative, best value and overall brilliant dish goes to April Bloomfield of the Spotted Pig.  There was many dishes on her menu over the course of the year, and believe me I have tried them all but the tongue wins hands down.  When I think of tongue, I think of going to the deli with my father who would order the tongue on rye.  April has taken meats that are generally never eaten and put them in a category of their own.  She has created trends.  My guess is you will see more tongue show up on menus across the country over the course of the year.  The dish is this grilled beef tongue with duck fat potatoes, sour cream and a little dill on the side. 

One of the best meals of the year was definitely in Paris at L’Atelier Joel Robuchon.  The menu is diverse and absolutely everything was delicious.  Each dish be it pasta with a red sauce to foie gras to seafood brought out each of the individual flavors of the food and the region it had derived from.  Can hardly wait to return.

Best dessert was the double napoleon at Pierre Herme.  Flaky layers of puffed pastry and hazelnut creme.  Each bite made my mouth scream for more.

Best breakfast was the scrambled eggs at Bills in Sydney.  Close your eyes and forget that there is probably a cup of cream in the eggs.  Slowly cooked to make the eggs soft so that each bite is seriously savored.  This meal might have taken right before we rang in 2008 but I am giving it mention anyway.

Although it was not for breakfast, I can’t help but mention the best almond croissant ever at Coquelicot in the Montmartre section of Paris.  Rich, gooey, crunchy and intense.

Must bring up a roast chicken…my fave.  Commerce truly makes a fantastic roast chicken. Crispy whole chicken for 2 stuffed with foie gras bread stuffing.  Wow.  I want to go back but I can’t.  The noise level in the restaurant is so loud that the vibe gives me not only a headache but makes me feel anxious.  You can’t hear your self think or your dining partners speak.  If they fix that, I will go back and back and back. 

Still dreaming about the mushroom dish at Sendrens in Paris this summer.  A plate of tiny chanterelle mushrooms sautéed with loads of butter until the butter became browned.  On top was a large soft boiled egg that oozed over the mushrooms when I broke in to it.  Unbelievable.

Even as I sit and think over the many meals that I had out this year, one that really topped the cake was O Ya in Boston. Jessica and I went there when she was looking at schools in Boston.  We still say, O Ya was Oh Yeah.  Brilliant.  Japanese food taken to a completely different level.  Watching the food be prepared is part of the fun.  Japanese tapas with a killer list of sakes on the side.  Best was a small piece of foie gras that was warm and served sushi style over warm rice with a balsamic chocolate reduction dripped over the top and the a dusting of raising cocoa pulp.  Seriously brings tears to your eyes.  Wash that down with a special intense sake on the side is worth taking a trip to Boston.

Did eat again at Momofuku and that was my favorite meal last year.  The food there continues to rule from taste to creativity. 

I wish I could say that I had my best meals in NYC but I didn’t.  The above mentions were the “omigod” moments which is what deserves to be on the most memorable food experiences in 2008.  Of course, there is always 2009.

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  1. daryn

    Great list, makes me hungry for an omigod meal!

  2. scottythebody

    OK, your last few posts are *killing* me. I’m sitting here eating oatmeal in pre-dawn hours, and now I am *starving*. Haha!

  3. rachel

    great list. as usual for all the places i’ve been i’m in agreement with you. never stray from the GG course.

  4. dylanc

    Mmmm, reminds me I haven’t been to Bills in far too long. You’ve got me very excited about Paris too.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I wish Bill had a place in NYC.

  5. Philippe

    It is Robuchon, not Rubicon, and you have one in New York.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks. Not the same in NYC.

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