Rocco Forte Hotels

There is always a lot of chatter about where we are staying when we travel.  One year it was all about the boutique hotel and then the next year it was all about something big and grand.  This year, I think we landed in the right spot. 

In Germany, we are staying at the Rocco Forte hotels.  I stayed at one of their hotels when I was in Florence picking up Jessica 2 summers ago.  It was really wonderful.  What I like about these hotels is that they are a balance between the boutique feel but are bigger.  The service is fantastic.  Also, who ever designed them did a phenomenal job.  The rooms are the right size too. 

The Charles Hotel in Munich was beautiful.  The details from the pillows to the curtains and how the colors worked was definitely done by a top notch decorator/designer.  The details did not come from an architect.  I know too much about architects vs designers to know that it is all about the designer not the architect.  Designers understand how people live, how lights need to highlight a room, how fabrics works together, how colors that you wouldn't think about putting together completely work.  Architects don't get that.  They are all about what they want without any thought about spacial relations, timing or cost.  Another prediction for the future is that we will return to the day when architects are a dime a dozen and it is all about the designers/decorators as the key to the hotel interiors, home interiors, store interiors, etc. 

We are now in Berlin at Hotel de Rome.  Different than Charles Hotel in design but same type of feeling.  A total high five on the Rocco Forte hotels.  Could be the first hotel I look for in a city when traveling.

Comments (Archived):

  1. Gotham Gal

    Over the top fantastic. You would think that you are the only guest in thehotel. The treats they give you in the hotel too are amazing. The kidseach had a heart shaped ginger bread with their name on it just to start.Impressive.

  2. Herk

    I hear that the service at RF Hotels is beyond fantastic; haven’t has the chance to stay in one yet, but hope to soon…

  3. rachel

    LOVED the savoy…you are right, the perfect mix of boutique and four seasons.

  4. The Hotel de Russie in Rome is also amazing if you have not been…sounds like an amazing trip. xxJessie

    1. Gotham Gal

      We are thinking about just taking a Rocco Forte tour around the world

  5. ellen

    You are so correct about the architects and interior designers. Most architects look at shape and structure from a purely design stance as opposed to how a room can be best utilized. Unless an architectual firm has an interior design department, It is best to take architectual plans to a designer before pouring any concrete. My husband didn’t and the concrete sawing company spent a lot of time at my house.The second problem is finding an interior designer that can have a good design sense, but also knows how to choose quality materials. Many are great with design but don’t know the difference between polyester and silk.. They think just because something is expensive it has to be of good quality. For example most don’t know the difference between green marbles. To them the color is the thing. They choose Chinese or South American instead of Italian or Vermont green.Like you I love to get inspired by the decoarations in some hotels. and restaurants. I appreciate the thought that goes into designing a pleasant room for guests.The hotel thay you are staying in sounds wonderful. Enjoy your vacation. A really good alternative to India.

  6. Book Hotel

    Charles Hotel in Munich is fantastic I’ve had the oppurtunity to sleep over there for 1 night. It was pretty worthwhile.