What is it about the end of the year?  It has been a helluva a year for everyone.  Regardless if the economic woes have taken a toll on your income or not, there is definitely a feeling of we are all in this together.  It is the topic of the day.  There is an underlying feeling of stress that permeates the city.  How could it not?  We are all waiting for the next bit of bad news to leak out.

Tonight, we are packing to go on vacation.  I am looking forward to having a change of scenery although I know the situation is no better where we are going.  The situation is no better anywhere.  It is depressing. 

I just hope that kicking off a New Year and inaugurating a new President in the month of January will lift the dark cloud that looms over our country.  Not sure how else we can shift the feeling of gloom and doom.  Even as I read over this post, it makes me long for brighter and happier days.