Happy New Year

New years
Happy New Year to all.  Glad to see 2008 end and 2009 begin.  Although I am basically an eternal optimist, 2008 was not the best of years for most.  On New Year's Eve, we went through the best and worst of the year, decisively deciding that electing Obama to be our next President was the best thing that happened in 2008.

I am really excited about the year to come.  For many years, I have been in cruise control.  Perhaps the time of my life, the time of my kids lives, whatever it may be, but I am getting ready for change.  Jessica will be in college next Fall.  Although Josh will only be in 8th grade, the kids are starting to peel out of the house.  It is a turning point in our lives.  For me, it is time for my next venture, my next thing.  Who knows, maybe I will decide to do nothing but my gut tells me, that this will be a big year and a new direction. 

All good. 

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  1. rachel

    you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t cut back on blogging!Thanks for a GREAT year of blogging filled with recipes, hotels, thoughts, life, and just all around fun.Happy 2009.

  2. daryn

    I hope you have a great 2009, and best of luck in whatever direction you’re heading.It’s a big year for us too, baby #1 is due in May!