L’Ami Louis

L'Ami Louis is a Paris institution.  Located in an off the beaten track area of the Marais.  I just loved it.  Dark wood, tight tables, the wait staff is probably the same guys since the beginning.  The owner was there last night. The kitchen is so tiny but the food that comes out is delicious.  Amazing since the chefs in their are not little men.

Think family style here.  The portions are huge and they tell you to share.  The good news is we were all interested in the roast chicken.  Although the duck coming out of the kitchen was mouth watering, we stuck with the chicken.  Supposedly the fois gras is out of this world too but enough already. 

Began with a plate of jambon.  Seriously fatty and full of flavor.  They also bring out a plate of stacked bread and a stick of butter.  We also had a big bowl of salad.  Large green leaves with a oil and vinegar.  Nothing fancy, just simple.  Keep in mind that all the entrees are made when you order, so it takes time for the chicken to cook.  While we waited I just watched all the excellent food coming out of the kitchen.

Voila, our chicken arrives.  We ordered 2.  They are Bresse Chickens which is a region in France which supposedly has the best chickens.  Like ordering Berkshire pork.  The chickens are roasted in a large roasting pan.  The pan is old and appears to be seasoned over time.  My guess is they put about 2-3 sticks of butter all over the chickens, put it in an oven at a very high heat and serve.  The waiter brings the chickens over and asks who wants dark and who wants white.  The chicken is just done enough that it easily comes apart only at the bones. Then they tilt the pan and spoon the buttery juice over your chicken. Juicy and delicious.  With this we ordered one plate of french fries and another of the potato gallette.  The gallette is the way to go.  Crispy on the outside and soft and creamy on the inside. 

We went with dessert tonight.  A plate of strawberries that looked and tasted as if they had just been picked from the farm stand next door.  This comes with sugar and a spoon for sprinkling.  We also had the chocolate mousse.  A graham cracker type crust that had been dipped in chocolate and then dense mousse piled on top with peaks of chocolate on top.  Wow.

Fred and I loved it.  Jessica thinks I make a chicken that is just as good…after all, what do you expect with a few sticks of butter.  Regardless, I loved the place and would return.  After all, I missed the fois gras.  Great with a group.