Last day in Paris

Jess walked around Bastille and the Marais.  Josh and I hooked up with her at one point.  The Marais is one of my favorite areas of Paris and it is really booming.  Emily wasn't feeling great so she went over to the L'Orangerie and then relaxed most of the day.  She was probably exhausted from being at the big 50% sale at Colette the other day which was a serious frenzy.  Josh, Fred and I went out for breakfast to Breakfast in America which Josh loves. 

The tiny restaurant is located in the Marais.  Americans do make a good breakfast.  Australians do too.  There is a toaster at every table which is a cute idea.  Josh couldn't have been happier.  Fred had a stack of banana pancakes.  Eggs and bacon for me and Josh and a side of English muffins which Josh swore by.  O fcourse, we had to use our toaster. Then we walked around.  Fred went back to hang with Em.

It was just a day of just doing what we all wanted to do.  Before I ended the day, Fred met me and we went to a kitchen store that I have always wanted to check out near the Palais Royal.  E. Dehillerin located on rue Coquillière in the 1st.  It is a chefs dream.  I have never seen pots so big.  You could spend hours in there checking out every gadget.  Lots of fun.  Makes me wish for new pots. 

Fred and I wandered back to the hotel, in the freezing weather, decided we will come back again thisFrozen
summer.  Check out the picture of the frozen water fountain in the Palais Royal.  There is something really nice about being in a city that everyone knows.  It was like being in NYC.  Who wants to have lunch here, who wants to catch the show at the Whitney, who wants to go to Chelsea to check out an artist, who wants to go shopping, etc.  As the kids become older, they are discovering their own cities and explore on their own.  It was a nice comfortable way to say goodbye to 2008. 

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