For New Year's eve, we had dinner at L'Ombres.  A bit long, a bit heavy but the views are absolutely spectacular.  The Eiffel Towel looms over the restaurant.  The restaurant sits on the top of the Museum Quai Branly which is a serious modern structure. 

The menu is basically oysters, fois gras, lobster,
ostrich and chocolate.  Need I say more?  Talk about rich.  We were there a long time.  There was a band which was nice background but the best was the balcony.  Off the restaurant is a huge balcony.  You feel as you are sitting on the top of Paris.  That alone is worth the price of admission.

When we come back to Paris, which I am sure will be in the near future, we are returning to L'Ombres just for the views alone. 

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  1. Gail & Illan

    We had dinner there last Xmas vacation…views were amazing but agree the food was very heavy and a limited menu …wishing you a Happy Healthy Prosperous and Peaceful New Year !!!!