Road trip

It was time to buy new pans.  I really wanted to buy pans this time around that will last a life time.  My friend gave me some advice, as I knew he would, about European pans, which he has had since 1983 and are still rocking.

I do like to buy on line but in this instance, I wanted to look at the sizes and feel the pans in my hand.  I figured I would take a trip to the UES to Bridge Kitchenware who is one of the only stores that carry the European brands.  Much to my dismay, they have left the city and moved to NJ.  They left last July. 

Bridge is a family owned business started in 1946 by Mr. Bridge.   It is now owned by his son and daughter-in-law who decided that with 2 kids, it was better to be in NJ.  They live in the town next to the store. They have a huge online business and also sell to restaurants.  But, I decided it to take a road trip.

It was really a great experience.  Both husband and wife are very knowledgeable.  Once you buy with them, they keep all your information in their data base which is nice.  If you buy on line later, you can access that.  They carry everything.  Discounted too.

I purchased a few different pans.  They highly recommended Swiss Diamond which is non-stick high end cookware that will last a life time.  I got 3 separate saute pans.  I also got 2 other saute pans by Pandero.  These have handles on the side because the pans can easily go into the oven and the dish washer.  The handles are better for space on the stove too.  Besides all the toss in the basket on the way out, I got a pan from Sitram which can go on the stove and in the oven.  Big enough for osso buco. They are huge fans of the Pandero line which is from Italy vs the Sitram line from France.  More shapes, sizes, and great looking design.  Although the heat conductivity is not as high as Sitram it is perfect for the at home cook.

Loved my journey, loved my purchases but next time I will probably just go online.  You can get a little crazy in there.  I would have bought out the whole store.

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  1. stephen

    UES? that was midtown

    1. Gotham Gal

      Upper East Side. The store was on 52nd Street. I guess that could bemid-town but to me, it is the UES.

  2. Dave Hyndman

    Hi Joanne:I might be wrong, but maybe a correction: instead of “Pandero” did you mean “Paderno?”Paderno is based in my hometown of Charlottetown, PEI, Canada, and is something of a local success story. If it is, I’m sure they’d love the mention corrected to point to them. have no connection to them, though the owner is a friend/acquaintance.)DAVE

    1. Gotham Gal

      Yes, you are absolutely right. Paderno.