Take all you have learned for the past 10 years and throw it in the trash can

Watching Obama walk around the Senate with no jacket and tie with his sleeves rolled up, ready to work, is incredibly refreshing.  As in any company, the culture and vibe start at the top.  You can walk into 3 separate companies that are in the same business and each feel completely different because of who is running them.  Obama is attempting to change the culture in Washington.  We need to retool, rethink and change the direction the country is going and Government has to get behind it.

Although the economic package passed yesterday, not one Republican voted for it.  Why?  So if it fails they can go back to their constituents and say, see, I didn't vote for it and it failed.  I was right.  Wasn't anything learned over the past 8 years?  Why is it that our elected officials, Democrat and Republican, can't get behind a new President with a new idea and try to make it work.  The old way certainly wasn't working.  If this doesn't work, then we will have to try another way.  I am not sure that enough has been done on this particular stimulus bill either but at least its a start.  I want to know where are the tax incentives for the private sector so that companies will start building high speed trains and urban transit systems.  But, it is a start.

Yesterday I was speaking to my brother for some time, who saw the future in his business and realized that if he didn't change, they would cease to exist and so he decided to completely change their business model.  He has basically said to his employees, take all that you have learned in the past 10 years and toss it in the trash can.  Think differently.  Think forward, take different risks.  He is spot on. 

There is not all doom and gloom on the horizon.  Young companies that are filling voids and creating new economies are succeeding.  Maybe they are succeeding because they are not operating with a business as usual platform.  They are figuring out the business model as they surge ahead. 

There is no doubt that thinking differently is hard particularly in models that have been set in stone for so many years.  Banking and Government are the 2 that come to mind quickly.  Obama has put together a group of people who believe in his vision, one that means we have to start thinking differently.  I am not sure it is his age as it is his community background and a fundamental understanding that things need to start from a grass roots level as well as strong leadership and support.  He gets it. 

The days of old, the business models of the past are over.  The world is flat, people get their information differently, we are a socially transparent world, we need to get out of fat gas guzzling cars and into efficient modes of transportation (Putin is still thinking that oil is going to control his power in the Soviet Union- that alone should want our Government to realize we can't depend on other countries for our energy anymore ), we are spending differently, bloggers have changed the way information is disseminated, etc.  I could continue on but my brother is right on the money.  Take all that you have learned for the past 10 years and throw it in the trash that is unless you are 25 year old entrepreneur and are figuring it out for the first time.  Those are the people who will have success reshaping us for the next decade because they look at the old way of doing business and ignore it. 

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  1. Gotham Gal

    The Republicans gave the first round out to the lovely bankers who are hoarding the cash away while still paying themselves big bonuses.joanne [email protected]

    1. Matt

      I’m not a fan of the TARP package. Lot’s of Republicans and Democrats were. But what does that have to do with supporting the stimulus package?As for the banks, they will not be growing credit for a while. They are over-leveraged and need to repair their balance sheets, just like many consumers do. There will be opportunities for private capital to step in. Obviously, comp should reflect performance, which has been shameful

  2. Matt

    The reason no Republicans voted for the bill (along with 11 Democrats) is because it is an awful bill that will not help the economy. The fact that Obama rolls his sleeves up does not change that fact. The bill is typical Washington partisan pork. So much for change

  3. schultzmj

    very disappointed in the amount of non-stimulus, partisan stuff that is packed in this bill. I agree that we need to look for and find new and different ways to solve our problems but there is nothing new or different about this except it is the Democrats now controlling it instead of the Republicans. Same S&*t, different day.I have high hopes for Obama and what he brings to the job but please get past the celebrity factor (he is walking around with his sleeves rolled up? – are you kidding?) and look at the actual reality of what is in the bill. You don’t change or establish a culture with superficial stuff, it changes based on the actions you take and the people around you seeing what you DO, not what you SAY.and please stop refering to the last 8 years like everything that is wrong in the world happened then. The 8 years prior to that when Clinton was in the White House were just a partisan the other direction as the last 8 years under Bush.If we are truly going to get past doing things the way they have always been done, both sides have to admit they are just as bad as the other when it comes to playing partisan politics.

  4. Joanna

    I just recently found your blog. I love this post. We are re-shaping the way we do things–on all fronts. So glad to be a part of this new, emerging world.

  5. CCjudy

    this is really goodI am unemployed more than a year and highly educated and definitely employableThe world has changed vis-a-vis jobs and employment I am starting a blog calledBeing Unemployedhttp://www.beingunemployedj…It a simple blog until I learn more about the technologylike how to insert a file thats textJudyformer NY and member of the clan

    1. Gotham Gal

      Thanks Judy. Will take a look at your blog. Good luck in your job pursuit.I am sure it is frustrating beyond words.

  6. Roberta Balsam

    When I seem to be in an unsurmountable position …I think this….that I have been painted into a corner of a room and I have to figure out how to get out. Getting out , the challenge, is thinking os a new way to do it . thinking out of the box.Roberta

    1. Gotham Gal

      I like that. Particularly the visual.

  7. Dory

    Joanne, You outdid yourself here. Love it.Dory

  8. Jerry

    thanks for the shout out in the blog, big sister. uncertainty brings opportunity. innovation equals survival. finding security in the status quo has vanished.it’s interesting everyone read this posting and turned it into a debate on the stimulus package. yes, it is a spending bill focused primarily on democratic party interest but the real issue is the change in our culture. the culture of business. the culture of politics. the culture of society. it is happening at a very rapid pace just not quick enough to impact this bill. good bye to the age of excess and hello to era where you can no longer reap rewards without making contribution. it’s a welcome change. not one based in morality but out of necessity.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Agreed. It is all about a much needed change in our culture. It is thefear of the unknown that change will bring that people are reacting to.