Where is the money for the small growing companies?

Today's headline that 75000 jobs vanished yesterday is beyond upsetting.  Where do these people go?  How will these jobs ever be replaced?  How will these people be able to move in to other industries?  How many people are too old to easily move into another industry?  I could continue but I won't.

The banks don't appear to be giving out the cash but as more fixed on how to continue to run their business as usual, pay out the bonuses (why?), make overseas investments and fix their balance sheets.  What happens to the little guys?

I am involved with a business that is growing.  This is not a business for the VC's.  This is a business for some angels and a bank.  The business is opening new doors daily with orders from solid organizations but the cash flow is tough.  You have to make a product and ship it before you get paid. 

We'd like to go to a bank, take out a short term loan or just get an extended line of credit based on orders in hand but my fear is that we will be turned down.  This is a business that is growing.  That means we can hire more people at one point and keep other places that work with us busy.  When we are seeing companies scale back and fire thousands of employees, I have to ask, how is America going to rebound.  Small companies is one way.  Although a small piece it is a piece. 

Where is the money for the small growing companies?

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  1. marshal sandler

    I think they are obviously using the Bailouts to buy more BANKS -This what is called Politically Correct Banking and it was allowed by Messr’s Bush and Paulson to Bail out the Folks Dancing to the Music Of Glen Miller in Palm Beach ! Beo-Bop is not their music of choice ! Excellent Observation Gotham Ga.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Glen Mill in Palm Beach. That is a fantastic observation.

      1. marshal sandler

        Elephants only like the slow tunes! I forgot Lester Lanin and Lawrence Welkwe must retain kindess and humor Naomi and I enjoy your blog we are sort of foodies ! I gave you shout out today !http://marshalsandler.com/2… You inspired her to make me a Ruben Casserol with corned beef and real good rye1. RUBEN CASSEROLELayer kraut, crumble beef on top, add cheese. Mix mayonnaise and dressing together and add to cheese. Layer tomato slices. Melt butter and stir in …

        1. Gotham Gal

          Thanks Marshall!

  2. Gotham Gal

    Citarella makes fantastic homemade soups and it makes life much easier.joanne [email protected]

  3. Jessie Washburne-Harris

    Tell me about it! Tough for all small business right now, Amex is also tightening credit. BTW, have been meaning to ask…did you make your own stock for those two soups or did you use something premade? hope you all are great. xoJ

  4. rickfield

    I love the contrast of topics your posts generate within individual replies… i.e. “I agree GothamGal, the credit market is in turmoil. But more importantly, what did you add to that chicken stock?”I want to try those Asian matzos.