An American Plan

 An American Plan got rave reviews.  I was excited to see it as we are patrons of Manhattan Theater Company.  After seeing it, I wasn't sure what everyone was raving about.

Theater is so personal.  Our friends, who we went with, sort of felt the same way as we did.  Friends we saw last night, really enjoyed it.  Hmmm. 

The play takes place in the early 60s.  Young woman, her mother and her maid summering in the Catskills.  A young man enters their life which changes everything.  A controlling Jewish mother who came out of Nazi Germany, a daughter who appears to be a little off, a maid who we learn very little about, men who are gay and want to closet that part of their life while they marry and have babies and lots of passive aggressive drama.  I guess the message is that getting married, living in the suburbs, having 2 kids, and summering with family friends is the American Plan.  At least in the early 60s.

The acting is mixed.  Mercedes Ruehl and Lily Rabe are both wonderful.  Love Rabe's voice.  I wasn't sure that Ruehl was actually enjoying being on stage.  At the end when the cast comes out for their bows, Ruehl appeared to be uninterested in the audience's applause. 

Not my favorite play.  We had dinner with our friends before hand and then went to see the play.  I would have preferred talking with our friends that we don't see often enough for the 2 plus hours we sat watching the play. 

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  1. Tanya Monteiro

    Made me think of “revolutionary road” – Thank you for your blog’s – I will be in NYC for a few days soon and this helped.