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We are spending the four day weekend at our friends home in Keystone, Colorado.   Before showing up with all our gear in tow, I sent out some goodies before our arrival.  Some came, some didn't. 

Luckily, thanks to Fedex, the skis/boards arrived as expected.  Murrays Cheese, no problem, everything came as planned, Ricks Picks, same thing, perfection.  Compartes Chocolatier – no show.

As a rule, from experience, I only order from Internet companies that use UPSUSPS, particularly in out of the way places and even in Manhattan, they just don't deliver the packages.  USPS won't leave a package at the door (in rural areas) without a signature and in Manhattan, I seriously wonder if they ever bring the package but the piece of paper on where to retrieve the box.  Mail is one thing, packages another which is why I love UPS.

I placed an order with Compartes Chocolatier, paying a whopping $31.99 for 2 day UPS delivery.  It specifically said UPS 2 day delivery.  I ordered it on February 9th and expected delivery on the 11th.  We got there the 13th, no chocolates.  I called them and they mentioned it might have gone USPS.  I asked why?  The response was that is what they do.  Sure enough, we found the note that said USPS had been there and we had to go to the post office.

First of all, we are all on vacation.  Second of all, the post office is 20 minutes away.  Third, the post office is closed by noon on Saturday and we missed it.  So, here we are, all leaving on Monday or Tuesday, a secondary home and nobody will see the chocolates for months.

Needless to say, I will never order anything again from Compartres Chocolatier,  But, lesson learned, if you tell the customer that you are shipping UPS – ship UPS.  In days like these, customer service is the number one priority.  If they did what their website said they would, we'd be savoring those chocolates right now.

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  1. piontekdd

    I agree with you 100%. Deliver on what you advertise. So sorry to hear you paid $31.99 for USPS shipping. If you are ever looking to try a different chocolate, and who ships well, check out Candinas : . I use them exclusively for my Valentine’s Day (or just cause) occasions for my wife. It is her favorite chocolatier.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Just checked out Candinas. A winner!

  2. Yule Heibel

    Wow, that’s bad customer service alright.But hey, you’re in Colorado and you didn’t order your chocolates from Rick Levine? 🙂 According to google maps, Boulder is only 93mi from Keystone – maybe even USPS could have handled that in time!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I found the chocolate place on Cool Hunting which I get daily.

    2. Gotham Gal

      To add to bad customer service, I called them and have emailed them twiceand they have yet to respond.

  3. ellen

    Interesting. I like to read your blog for your views. I have a different experience with UPS. They always leave packages propped against my door no matter how big. Half the time I am home and they never think to ring the doorbell so when I open my front door the package usually falls on my toes. This can really hurt when I am sent a package of 18×18 granite tile samples. Ouch! Our UPS route driver speeds so fast around the neighborhood each day that I fear for the lives of children playing in the street. Once he approached me to sign for a neighbor’s package which I would happily do except I didn’t know the neighbor, because he lived 7 houses down and the package looked like it had a large kitchen appliance in it. The driver was combative and belligerent when I told him I would rather not because it was so bulky. If I want to send something the UPS office is far away and the lines are sooo long.Instead I send most everything FEDEX. They pick up and they are so nice.Their drop off center is one mile from my house. There is never a line and I think their prices are better. Boston to New York is one day regular service. Boston to California is 5 days regular service. For local within my state I use USPS. You can still insure without a signature confirmation so they will leave the package without a signature confirmation.

    1. Gotham Gal

      My UPS man is fantastic. I think that is the total key.

  4. Bob S

    You said:>> USPS won’t leave a package at the door (in rural areas) without a signature..but my experience is totally different. Maybe it depends on where you live or who is your letter carrier.For all of them: UPS, FedEx, USPS – I don’t like that they never ring the doorbell when they leave packages that do not require signature. Other than that, at least USPS can leave small packages inside a locked mailbox, which is a great advantage for us unwashed minions.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Must be. Out where we are there are mailboxes in front of a community.Where USPS delivers directly to your home (except in NYC ­ in a brownstone)they probably do leave a package.

  5. Julie

    Good to know I will avoid Compartres Chocolatier for SURE! that is awful!!