I ordered a few things from Foodzie last week in need of some Valentines Candies.  Based on the customer service alone, I am now a life long customer.

Immediately after getting the order, I got an email from from someone at Foodzie thanking me for the order. Over the next week I had received 3 of the four shipments and got another email from someone at Foodzie who had been following my order.  She wanted me to know she was on top of it and contacted the company who I bought the chocolates from ( who is very busy due to Valentines Day ) and that I would absolutely be getting my order on time.  She was tracking the orders as I was.

My guess is Foodzie's product line will continue to grow as the web seems to be sprouting with food based sites like Foodzie these days.  Also, the customer service angle, in any economy, as you are growing your business is a huge bonus. 

Loving Foodzie. 

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  1. daryn

    I have window-shopped foodzie countless times, but this post is inspiring me to actually place an order.Did you get the Bacon Box? Sounds fun. Have you seen the cute vosges flying pigs?http://www.vosgeschocolate….

    1. Nik Bauman

      Those flying pigs are definitely super-cute.Daryn, if you ever need our help deciding on what to order, we’re here (@foodzie) to help :-)Thanks for the post Gotham Gal, we hope we continue to please on the customer service!

      1. daryn

        Thanks Nick, it’s great to see you commenting here, and I placed my first order today!

        1. Nik Bauman

          Sweet! Thanks for the support, and do let us and Luca Chocolate know what you think of them when they arrive!

  2. chefbikram

    another great mail order place for something sweet: fairytale brownies. have u heard of them? i’ve given them to four different people and all have raved. i have yet to try them.

  3. CCjudy

    I live in SF and I organize a Meetup…for people in food business and wanting to do that. Its a new Meetup.I read about from you and I wrote them – they are here in SF – and that night at our second Meetup in local cafe The Grind Cafe in Haight Susie Wyshak their Food Vendor specialist joined us! She was great really knowing food business especially here and also strong internet experience. So thank youfrom Judy

    1. Gotham Gal

      Judy that is awesome! We love meetup!

      1. CCjudy

        thank youin my relationship with life I am committed to the possibility of trust – belief – acknowledgement- valueI want to emerge into a food business I dont know how and I lack the financial resourcesStarting this Meetup I am meeting similar peopleWhen the Meetup is recognized by someone established in the food businesslike Susie Wyshak and and previous meetup with Lisa from destinationdinners.comI know I am on the right pathand your message supports me and my dream furtherJudy

        1. Gotham Gal

          This is great Judy. Keep at it and you will get there.

  4. dorothy

    foodzie “gets it.” i was just looking for a sympathy basket to send to a friend who recently lost her father. i went on 1800flowers – really expensive for stuff that just looked then i went to dean & deluca; big mistake. i spent a tremendous amount of time customizing a gift basket, only to be foiled by their checkout experience – over and over again, i was unable to create a “guest account” to purchase my order. something similar happened last year when i was on their site – is anyone looking at their conversion rates and seeing drop off’s pre-checkout? it can’t just be me.the poor user interface sent me to amazon, but again, the selection for this sort of thing was generic. finally, i remembered this post and went to interface is streamlined. their selection, fantastic. and the checkout process one of the absolute best i’ve had (and i’m a serious online shopper). i ordered a bunch of stuff from a brooklyn bakery i love, and am only paying 5.75 for fedex ground shipment. i got a better gift, for less, with zero thanks for this post gotham gal. and thank you foodzie!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I have also tried all the sites you mentioned. Dean and Deluca,frustrating. Murrays…frustrating. 1800 flowers…awful. The customerservice is fantastic and they make it easy.

  5. Kasey

    I haven’t yet had a chance to order anything from them, but something about the company just really struck me right away. If they can do for food what Etsy did for craftsmen around the world, I’d be pretty impressed.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Me too.

  6. Emily

    Thanks everyone for all the great feedback about Foodzie. Many of you came to purchase from us after this post and we thank you for your business!