The cold winter has got me longing for sun so my friend and I took decided to take a quick jaunt to Miami.  $169 round trip can't be beat. 

Warm weather but not too warm.  Mildly surprised how many people are mulling around the hotel.  We are literally lounging and reading.  Only here for 2 full days which is just the perfect amount of rest and relaxation.

We are staying at the Delano.  The outside is great.  Nice vibe by the pool area but the rooms and service are not fantastic.  First thing Josh asked me, "how are the beds"?  Answer…not great.

Had dinner at Casa Tua the first night.  Our rule is that dinners must be in walking distance of the hotel.  Casa Tua is housed in an old house.  Delicious Italian food.  The picture is from Casa Tua where they took an old iron container, filled it with water, flowers and candles.  Really beautiful.  I believe it is their signature look.

We also went to Ola Miami where a NYC chef has taken residence.  Douglas Rodriguez who was the chef atOla miami
Patria.  Latin inspired food.  We had a few things to split.  Nothing to write home about but considering our order came out of the kitchen in minutes, made me wonder.  The picture here is of the hotel that the restaurant is in, sort of like a high end motel. 

Tonight, who knows.

Another day at the pool, another nap.  Nice and easy place to check out for a few days. 

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  1. rachel

    We did the same thing a few weeks ago, except we stayed at the 4S (not on the beach) and it was a ghost town (over MLK wknd). Had fantastic dinners at Michael’s in the design district, but not walking district to delano. after many trips to miami i’m totally disappointed with south beach restaurants but the design district is a treck.

    1. Gotham Gal

      The restaurants aren’t great but figure I’m here to hang, not eat.

  2. Yoav

    The Delano is not for sleeping, it’s for drinking .. beautiful interiors though .. designed by Philippe Starck