My age is showing

We hit the slopes today.  I am most definitely feeling my age.  Now I understand thoroughly while the average age on the slopes is more like 22. 

It is seriously cold out here today.  10 degrees at the top, maybe.  I was freezing.  I boarded a few runs and my legs were burning, my toes were numb and I am not sure I was having much fun.  I much prefer the 45 degree ski. 

Also, we had the classic freak out.  Josh and Jess went out alone and then lost each other.  Josh came to the meeting place for lunch figuring we'd all be there…as we were.  Jessica went to the ski patrol ( who were beyond lame because they could have found us at the lunch spot ) and then eventually we were freaked and went to ski patrol too and found Jess.  Ugh.  Unfortunately cell phones do not work so well on the slopes.  I am going back out and buying walkie-talkies for March skiing. 

Going out again tomorrow, of course, but I am praying for warmer weather.  Emily said that I should stick to half days going forward.  She might be right.  Alas. 

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  1. Yule Heibel

    I recently started reading what I refer to as “the geezer bible” – http://www.youngernextyear….Got a copy at the library, my husband snagged it from me and immediately started wolfing it down. I then got the ‘Younger Next Year for Women’ copy from the library, and am finding it almost inspirational. I’m guessing you’re in your 40s, so I’m older than you (I have begun sailing into my 50s), but even 40s isn’t too young to start on what Crowley and Lodge preach.I’m doing my best to give what they’re talking about a try as I have no intention of aging without a fight. That said, it’s unlikely I’ll ever ski – even the thought of a lovely apres-ski can’t warm me to snow and cold! 😉

    1. Gotham Gal

      The Geezer Bible…great name. Inspiration is always good. I will look forthe Youngest Next Year for Women.