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As a rule, I am ridiculously organized and efficient.  Can’t help it.  I came out of the womb that way.  So when things don’t go exactly according to plan, my frustration level soars.  I do try to go a bit more with the flow as I have aged not sure if I have succeeded but sometimes….

We just began our 2 week spring vacation.  Decided to ship the ski stuff out a week in advance, ground Fedex.  In the past, I have done 2 day air but if you can plan ahead, the cost savings is significant and having all that stuff be there when you get there is huge. 

Stuff went out on March 6th and supposed to be at our hotel by March 12th. Shipped ground vs 2 day air as Fedex suggested in terms of a huge savings.  I tracked the shipments daily.  Then the system went cold.  Said it was on a truck for delivery on the 12th so I figured, I was good to go.  On the 13th, it appeared that nobody was really sure where the goods were.  I finally called the hotel and in fact 2 of the bags were there although Fedex still has no accountability for the bags arriving.

We are here now, short 2 bags.  Fedex doesn’t really work on Sunday and they can’t truly help me except make a request for Monday morning. Wonderful customer service, NOT. Arrgghhh….

The good news is that we need to rent only 2 boards and 2 pair of boots and will end up having to buy only one pair of ski pants with hope that the bags will arrive by Monday or Tuesday at the latest but my frustration level for the first day is high. 

Fedex was worthless.  Same thing happened to someone else at the hotel who used 2 day air.  You would think a multi-billion dollar company with hand held trackers would have information on a bag every day as it hits each location instead of going cold turkey for 4 days.  They also have a monopoly on the market.

So much for the first day out for supposed rest and relaxation.

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