Damn, another sunny day

I was born in Los Angeles although I left when I was 6/7, there has always been something pulling me back.  My Grandmother lived in Laguna Beach for years, my sister worked in LA for about 4 years, my brother moved there with his family a few years back and so on.  I feel comfortable here.  I like the vibe and the energy.  I couldn't do it 12 months a year but a few times a year is really a pleasure.

This morning we got up and drove to Santa Monica to have breakfast at Huckleberry Cafe.  An excellent place for breakfast.  Big windows, lots of light, a very Southern California place.  All the produce comes from the local farmer markets.  They also sell a few products like one particular olive oil, one vinegar, etc.  Delicious eggs, breads, pastries and coffee.  They probably have a good lunch too.

Afterward we drove over to Venice Beach.  What's a trip to Los Angeles without a stroll down the Henna
boardwalk.  Such a trip.  Henna tattoos, lots of bong shops, loads of silver jewelry, t-shirts and then of course just the people.  Muscle beach is classic as the men come and flex their muscles working out on the boardwalk.  Paddle tennis courts.  Tourists and locals abound.  Em and Jess went for the henna tattoo…how could you not?

We drove over to Century City after to meet up with my brother.  He is shooting a commercial and the kids went to watch.  Fred and I took this as an opportunity to make a loop through the galleries in the area.

We started on S. La Cienega near the corner of Washington.  There are a few random galleries on that strip and actually none worth mentioning.  Hate to say that but there was absolutely nothing I found intriguing.  The one (and quite frankly I believe the best gallery) in that area is Blum & Poe.  Great space and the artists that they represent aren't emerging but a few years past that stage so the prices run more in the 10-50K range.  The other galleries in the area are really about emerging art but not sure how emerged any of them will get.  IMHO.

Me and josh
Then we spun down Washington where there are other galleries as well as architecture offices and ad agencies.  Cerasoli Gallery, Koplin del Rio, Cardwell Jimmerson, LeBasse Projects are a few of the galleries.  The one I really liked in Culver City was called Lab 101 which has moved to Santa Monica. 

After leaving the area, we stopped by Surfas which is a restaurant supply and gourmet food store.  It is pretty awesome.  A small cafe and a chef's paradise.  Cheeses, chocolates, parchment papers, serving trays, pots and pans, etc.  They also have classes from baking to cooking to wine tasting.  A real community place.  Really well done and if you need it, they most likely have it.  Been around since 1937. 

We then went over to the set, picked up Emily while Jessica and Josh stayed behind.  Next event, dinner. 

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  1. Gigih

    Thanks for recommending Huckleberry which we really enjoyed for a family breakfast. Wondering why there are no places like this where we live in suburban NYC…

    1. Gotham Gal

      I wonder too.