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, has asked Fred and me to be part of a blogger tasting panel.  We got 3 items this month.  I only had time to taste two of them before we left for vacation. 

Bon Bon Bar.  Single Malt Scotch Chocolate Bar.  The bar is big and probably bigger than need be.  I might have preferred a box of these in small bites.  The bar is covered in a thick dark chocolate with salt on the top.  Inside there is a layer of caramel and chocolate that after the first bite, the taste of scotch kicks in.  Really good and definitely an adult treat.  The combination of the chocolate, the caramel, the scotch and the salt layered on top really explodes in the mouth as each flavor sets off in your mouth one by one.  There are a variety of different flavors and I am going to order a few more.

Next taste:  Sunchowder’s Emporia Jams.  First thing I like about this product is the size of the jars and Jam
the hand made stickers each with the name and the date made.  We tried Blueberry and Ginger Zucchini Jam.  Let’s begin with the blueberry.  Tiny wild blueberries in a jam which tastes and feels home made.  Completely natural as the jam is a tad liquidy which is fine.  Sweet and tasty.  Ginger Zucchini is completely different and really innovative.  Although the consistency is not thick, everything is finely chopped which gives it more of a dense feeling than the blueberry.  The minute I tasted it, I thought chutney.  The taste packs a punch and over a hunk of cheese and bread it would be divine.  Big thumbs up for Sunchowders. Jams.  Once we have finished the 2 we have, I am going to check out some of their other more exotic mixtures.

More reviews coming. 

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  1. Nate

    Hey nice review on the bon bon bars! I’ve always loved any type of food infused with an alcohol! I am very sincere when I say that most people don’t realize how much flavour comes out of some alcohols! Kudos, I think I will have to try these out!