Emily turns 16

Bday cake
It was Emily's birthday on Sunday night.  16.  It was just the family.  Watching our kids grow is such a joy. 

There is something strange as I see my role change, more than Fred's.  Men, most men, start at point A and make a steep incline in their work world over time.  For me, my work line has been nothing less than erratic.  I have written about this before.  It is really hard to describe watching the kids get older and becoming incredibly independent – which is what we taught them to be – which pushes me to move into a different role.  It is all good but I do think about what keeps me busy and engaged next time.  Someone said to me recently, I believe you have another big one in you.  Perhaps.  On one hand, I hope so, but on the other hand, how does that big one effect a life where everyone has flown from the nest.  I believe this is an issue that many women think about who have chosen to stay home or make their work life less of a main focus.

More than likely I will just plunge in feet first as that seems to be something I have done my entire life.