Jenny Holzer at the Whitney

I went to the preview of Jenny Holzer at the Whitney today.  The last project I saw of Holzer's was after 9/11 she created an electronic billboard basically that were beamed up on the side of an NYU building near Washington Square Park.  She is a concept artist. 

This particular show is mixed with electronic signs and action paintings.  The paintings are of Government documents that have been heavily edited (blocked information to the public).  Everything you read isn't surprising based on what has happened over the past 8 years.  She took the info from the National Security Archives. 

Each piece is political.  The exhibit is small.  As my friend put it, a little bit goes a long way.  I couldn't agree more.  Holzer's work is certainly influential, political and pushes the viewer to be aware.  I prefer the electronic signs because one glance and you know that is a Holzer piece. 

Holzer's work belongs in public spaces so that nobody forgets past atrocities that might be swept under the rug.  She is constantly pushing the envelope and I would guess she has been influential in the art world as there is no one else quite like Holzer. 

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  1. marshal sandler

    I have Collected Native People’s Art for years this Award Winning piece is over the Top ! Gotham Gal has among other things features on art on her blog I hope she checks this out piece out РDescription: 3-D silver wagon with horses, dogs, goats, rabbit. Additional materials include Italian white marble, dolomite, pipestone, turquoise (eyes and water), leather and copper. Moveable parts. Techniques: inlay/channel, constructed, hand-carved.

    1. Gotham Gal

      Interesting piece. I have never really collected any of the Native Americanart but have 2 friends who are huge collectors, one is very involved withthe Museum devoted to this type of work in NYC

      1. marshal sandler

        Naomi collects Black pottery and Old Pawn when it is available we have a very good dealer in Scottsdale-I lived in AZ for years a lot of fakes being sold-We also collect certain new artists I only mention it because it is a very quiet group of collectors many of the biggest collectors are in New York-If you ever decide to feature any of it in an article my friend the Dealer can send you photos and information -he has items that are unique and many unseen-he has one award winning artist that has made Naomi Earings they are made with silver and gold wire and so delicate he assembles them under a microscope and sets them with small semi precious stones-I collect mostly Belt Buckles by Romero Cummings and Epperson Epperson uses the lost wax casting method in his work I don’t suggest anyone collect but Native American Artists deserve more publicity than they get! I have seen articles in Museum Shop’s that are mislabeled and no info on the Artists-especially pottery-he is one of the Dealers that really has a great reputation in the Native Artist’s community I I know you are busy but in time this art could be the subject for a great articlehttp://scottsdaletra…

  2. Hanover PA Guide

    This is an amazing collection. If you have the chance to see it you definitely should go.