One mans garbage

World's Second Largest Hockey StickImage by Mykl Roventine via Flickr

One mans garbage is another mans treasure.

There is constantly a movement of goods in NYC be it retail, wholesale or searching through the garbage.

Once a month, NYers are given the opportunity to put large items for pick up on the street.  A chair, a sofa, a cabinet, etc.

For some reason Josh took out his old hockey stick to bring to school for a project.  He told me he was going to toss it after he was done.  As I walked down the street to meet someone for breakfast this morning and I saw the hockey stick jutting out of the garbage can on the corner.  Within seconds, one of the delivery guys (Dagastinos is on the corner and there are always trucks in the morning filling the shelves) eyes the stick.  He pulled the stick out of the can, gave it nice swing, hockey style.  Then he examined the stick and smiled.  I watched him playing with it as he sauntered back to his truck with a huge smile on his face.  For him, for his son or daughter, whatever the case, it was the perfect score of the day.

One mans garbage is another mans find.

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