The Armory Show

 I try to go to the Armory show every year.  This year, my friend, Deborah Harris, who is the managing director of the Armory was nice enough to give me a VIP pass.  I went went over there with Jessica and Emily on Friday afternoon.  They didn't make it through the whole show.

My first impression was "woah".  I forgot how warm it gets at the Pier.  I also forgot how many galleries and how much art is at the Armory event.  A total overload.  But, I persevered and believe I wandered in or by every booth.  My feet are killing me. 

Overall, it didn't appear to me that much was getting sold.  Few dots.  Most galleries took this is an opportunity to really showcase the majority of their artists.  More mature galleries combined their new artists with their more seasoned artists.  There were a few galleries that just had one artist and were trying to make a statement but to me, these are not times to be pushing the envelope.  I did not find myself drawn to any new artist but recognized a lot of work from years past.  The one thing that I did find in line with the state of the times is that there were galleries from every part of the globe.  Russia, South Africa, Korea, etc.  That was really the most interesting because the work in those galleries represent what is happening in those countries. 

The pictures I took is what I found interesting.

Hand:knee photo

John Coplans took a series of photos.  I thought this was really powerful.  Bruce Silverstein Gallery

Bill owens

My picture doesn't do justice to the photo.  A series of photos by Bill Owens from the 60's each with a dry commentary on the photo.  Ths series is called Suburbia. This one is called " I believe in women's liberation."  Howard Greenburg Gallery

Everyone is broke

This is just depressing.  Galleria Massimo de Carlo, Milan


This painting is very old school.  After the artist, Amy Bennett, builds the concept, she then creates an oil painting of it.  You can see the intense amount of work that goes into each piece.  They are not that large.  I was drawn into this booth because they carried two artists that I bought a few years ago, Marcel Dzama and Corey ArnoldRichard Heller Gallery

Capitalism kills


I am not sure who the artists are but I found both of these pieces intriguing considering this gallery is from Moscow.  Regina Gallery.

Shopping for democracy

There were a variety of these type of posters from this artist, Kudzanai Chiurai.  This gallery out of Cape Town had some interesting work.  After seeing the play Ruined the other night, this grabbed me.  Goodman Gallery


I have seen this piece before by Jack Pierson.  I really love it.  Cheim & Reid.

After seeing very little action and lots of wandering at the art show, I thought it would be perfect to end this post with the piece above.  As my friend said, who happens to own a gallery and had a booth at this event.  There are families with 2 incomes, there are families with 1 income and there are families with no incomes.  Thank god I put away a few scheckles ( not sure I spelled that right but Yiddish for cash ) because I think I fit into the last category.  We all need to believe.