Trestle on Tenth

We went over to our friends house last night to see the final product.  Blood, sweat and tears and the place looks great.  They live in Chelsea and we walked over to Trestle on Tenth for dinner.  The key was going close since it was about 10 degrees out last night.

The location is pretty much right outside the art district of Chelsea.  A booming location and there are only a handful of restaurants in the area.  Very warm and cozy inside.  A nice neighborhood joint.  Neighborhood places tend to outlast everything else.  The food is rarely over the top, the people are always incredibly friendly and the portions are out of control.

I went with a side of veggies to start, the roasted beets.  Simple and easy.  Fred had a beautiful plate of sliced smoke salmon, chopped red onions, toast and capers.  My friend had the salad which was huge. 

The funny thing about the huge portions is when you start to drink you end up finishing most everything on your plate.  When the main courses came out, I almost gasped at the size of the pork chop but we all seemed to lick the plates clean.

I went with the duck.  Sliced medium rare duck served over salsify mixed with mushrooms and figs.  It was good.  Solid.  Fred went with the same thing.  The other entrees looked good although I didn't taste.  We did all split a side of baked dumplings covered with browned onions and gruyere.  Decadent and not that interesting.

I have heard that Trestle has a really good brunch.  If I am strolling around the art galleries on the weekend, I might stop by to try.  There is just a really nice warm feeling in the place.  Nothing to write home about but if you live in that neighborhood, it should be checked out. 

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  1. Banet

    I saw that Fred mentioned on his blog that he’d like to get out to Brooklyn to try Buttermilk Channel.Well, having eaten there 2 nights ago, I can tell you that it is definitely worth the trip.Solid, solid food. Great room. Owner watching over it all with a relaxed smile.A+

  2. Yule Heibel

    I like how your accompanying photo captures a shiny warmth – when I read that it was so cold outside, the photo’s qualities become even more impressive!

    1. Gotham Gal

      I must admit that I pulled that picture off the Trestle website. Nicephoto…agreed.