Welcome Ollie


 We literally flew in last night around 9pm.  Today, the new addition to the family came at 11am. 


Josh and Jessica (not Emily so much) have been hocking me for a dog for quite some time.  They finally figured out how to make it work.  Of course, Josh says he will take care of the dog, yeah right.  But, the hook, line and sinker was when they both established that when Josh goes to college, Jessica will be back in the city and she can take the dog, if not permanently, anytime.  Ok, ok, ok…probably not happening but I felt like every boy needs a dog.  I do love the dogs. 

Ollie came today.  He is super cute with a great disposition.  He is a mini golden doodle.  What will they think of next. 

Comments (Archived):

  1. jsepoch

    Too cute! Ask Emily if she would feel differently about the dog if you named it Xanique Vadargo Soss.

    1. Gotham Gal

      She’d feel much different!

  2. daryn

    He’s adorable, but Ollie (Oliver) is on our short list for baby names!

    1. fredwilson

      josh was going to be Oliver for a bit and then we went with Josh instead. so we named the next family member to come along Ollie. although Emily would not agree with that story. she feels that she came up with the name.

  3. Yule Heibel

    He’s adorable! There are some pretty interesting poodle crosses bred right now. The Labradoodle looks practically like a Portuguese Water Dog, and your mini looks like a real winner, too.We named our dog (a Cairn Terrier) Jigger. One day at the vet’s, I met Grappa and Guinness, two dogs owned by two different people. Between the 3 of us, we figured we had something in common besides the love of our dogs!Cheers! 🙂

  4. suesol

    pretty friggin’ cute

  5. judy Solomon

    Beyond adorable!!

  6. dana Solomon

    the cutest. can’t wait to meet him!!!

  7. marshal sandler

    “Shhh! Zug gornisht! The kinder are listening!

  8. Shelley

    He’s adorable. And from someone who had this same experience (younger son talked me into a dog when the older son went to college and now they’re both gone, but the dog’s with me), I’d just like to say that dogs add a lot to a family. I haven an Italian Greyhound, Rocco, and he’s a great companion and keeps my husband and I entertained. I’m kind of glad that he’ll never go away to college.Best pet advice: Find yourself a really good kennel and treat them well. We have one that loves our dog and then you don’t feel guilty when you travel and the dog stays home.