What to do with kids under 10 in NYC

I just sent someone an email with some suggestions of what to do in NYC with 3 kids who are 9, 6 and 4.  I am just going to post it.   Feel free to comment with other ideas. 

The Hayden Planetarium is probably perfect also located near the American History Museum.  Located on the Upper Westside which I’d avoid but the Planetarium is perfect and then you can stroll through Central Park.  You could easily grab a cab after exiting the park and move it over to 74th and 3rd and have lunch at JG Melon where your kids will love the burgers and fries ( you will too ).  I’d then walk down to 62nd and Lexington and go to Dylans Candy store where your kids will worship you for taking them there.  The old school candy shop, Economy Candy which is on the Lower East Side will probably be more fun for you but your kids will gaga in Dylans.  A must do.  This is an easy way to knock off the uptown portion of your trip.  All 3 stops will definitely delight.

I’d say go to the MOMA too.  The architecture is very cool and the café where you look over the sculpture garden serves an excellent hot chocolate.  The larger café is also good ( all run by Danny Meyer) and you order at the counter and sit down with a number.  They bring you your food and you can leave at your leisure b/c you have already paid.  Key for younger kids..yes?  Their website is awful!.  My other favorite museum uptown is the Whitney.  Small and easy to navigate.  Don’t eat there.  The food is unedible.

Downtown…the best part of Manhattan (IMHO).  Walk around Chinatown.  We did a Chinatown walk a few years ago (where we went from place to place tasting dumplings and such).  Not sure if your kids are too young but it was entertaining.  Here is the post. Great park in the East Village which is Tompkins Square Park.  Relatively near the Bowery Hotel.  East 5/9 and Avenue A.  Porchetta has fantastic sandwiches right there on East 7th and Ave.
I’d also get to the Lower East Side.  There is Katz’s Deli…and institution.  Houston and Ludlow.  For candy…check out Pappabubble at 126 Rivington.  They make colored candy right there.  Kids will love it.  Soho has a childrens museum which might be fun for the kids.   There is also one on the UWS but wouldn’t go out of my way for it.  The tacos to go at La Esquina is right there.   Madison Square Park is a great park to blow off steam and go to the Shake Shack and get a burger and the best frozen custard.  You can walk down to Union Square after and the farmers market runs Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat.  On a park too.  Worth walking Battery Park where there are parks and continues up the westside.  Lots of places to run and play.  Really beautiful too.  If you need to fall back on an activity due to rain…Bowlmore on University is old school and right in the village on University.

Check out the New Victory Theater which is located on 42nd Street.  We used to take the kids to theater there when they were younger and the kids always loved it.  Eating in the Theater District is always a challenge.  The kids would probably like Blue Fin. Larger than life restaurant with good sushi.

Places to eat:
Momofuko – no reservations, go early, kids will love it.
Stanton Social – total sharing event and they are quick
Co. which is the new pizza haunt in Chelsea – haven’t been but hear good things.  Lombardi’s is probably the oldest pizza place in town and the pizza is still good and closer to the Bowery Hotel…located on the corner of Spring and Mott.  John Pizzeria has also been around forever but I think it has gone downhill. 
Blue Ribbon Brassiere located in Soho.  Again, no reservations but the kids will love the fried chicken or burgers and you will love the other options.
Dim Sum is always entertaining on Sunday morning.  Golden Unicorn or Ping is good.
Clinton Street Baking Company has a great breakfast and delicious pancakes.
S’Mac in the East Village…only serving macaroni and cheese
Peanut Butter & Co  – Village..the name defines the place
Blue Smoke that has jazz in the basement and ribs and such upstairs.  Kids will probably love.
Otto – Mario Batalis pizza joint on 8th and 5th Avenue.

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