God of Carnage

Carnagespan  Theater is one of those art forms that when you find something really excellent, you embrace it like no other.  As my friend says, once you see a great play, you have to see a lot of duds or mediocre plays before you get to see something good again.  The last great play I saw was August Osage County.  I'd actually go back and see it again.  God of Carnage hit the same spot. 

First of all, the acting is excellent.  A cast of four actors who have not only had success outside of theater but began as actors of the stage.  James Gandolfini, Marcia Gay Harden, Jeff Daniels and Hope Davis

The play is about 2 couples from the Cobble Hill section of Brooklyn.  Their 11 year old boys, have a fight on the playground.  Daniels and Davis play the couple whose child hit Gandolfini and Harden's kid with a stick across the mouth breaking 2 of his permanent teeth.  They sit down to discuss what took place and how they should solve the issue.  As the conversation begins, it is very civil with pleasantries all around but as time flies, the anger rises not only against each other but towards each of their own spouses.  Coffee first, rum later.

Laugh out loud hilarious lines.  The audience laughed so hard that I missed some of the lines.  Although a comedy on the surface, this play is telling a story about my generation of parents.  What you see is not necessarily what you get.  Parents over parenting their children, and backing them up at any cost.  The insane world of the cell phone interrupting conversations.  Ethical and moral issues.  The high and mighty executives against the supposedly down to earth artists and store owner. 

Subtle, hilarious and absolutely worth seeing.  There was a teenager next to me howling.  I am sure many of the subtleties went over his head but that is what makes the play so brilliant. 

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  1. chefbikram

    The title of your blog had me laughing, cause today my facebook post in terms of “what’s on my mind” was: starting a new book, “god of animals”. just finished “children of god”. hmmm….lots of god.And then a couple others chimed in with their current books also with God in the name!Oh, I started a book club. After the 8 people I expected at my home for our meeting all flaked THAT day, I had enough…my club is the noflake club.Just funny to me…Cheers!

  2. Roberta

    Seeing it in two weeks cannot wait. BTW congratulations on Josh’s Bar MitzvahRoberta Balsam