I love a restaurant with a bar

The kids have had Thursday and Friday off.  I have spent a lot of time shopping for clothing for Josh's upcoming Bar Mitzvah.  It is exhausting.  It might be the hardest part.  On both Thursday and Friday nights, after a very long day, Fred and I did the restaurant bar hop.

There wasn't a stool available at any of our local haunts.  After a good walk, we finally found ourselves 2 seats at 10 Downing.  Was interesting in returning there for dinner too.  10 Downing doesn't have a full liquor license, only a license for beer and wine.  Interesting since the new restaurant, Scuderia, down the street from them with the same address does.  I realized the importance of the full liquor license right then. 

We recently invested in a restaurant, which I will reveal at a later stage, that has been awarded a full liquor license.  I am more excited now than I was when I found out.  Sitting at the bar at 10 Downing street, I had no interest in a glass of wine.  I had a long day and all I wanted was a stiff drink.  So, after our search for bar stools, we left.

We walked down the street to Blue Ribbon and lucky for us, we were having good bar stool karma at this point, people had just got up.  I have always been a fan of the Blue Ribbon restaurants.  All of them.  The menu at this one (corner of Downing and Bedford) has a mixture of salads, appetizers, cheeses, and some main courses. 

I got my vodka and a few other goodies and I was a happy girl. 

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  1. Joanna Van Vleck

    Hello Joanne!Shopping for clothing for men is exhausting. Reminds me of exactly why I started the Trunk Club. (http://www.trunkclub.com) You would never have to shop for the men in your lives again. Let me know if you’d like to test it out. Would love to have you in the Club!

    1. Gotham Gal

      Interesting concept. Not sure it is for me because I as much as I findshopping exhausting, I do like to get into the stores and see what ishappening.