Images I have never been a big massage person.  I generally get one on vacation but sometimes not.  In the summer,  I do on occasion but as a rule, I don't seek it out. 

When I was pregnant with Jessica, I was huge ( she was 9 lbs. 4 ounces ) and I waddled when I walked.  I fell and hurt my lower back.  I managed to push through the pain and seemed fine a few days later.  But, as the years have progressed, it is something that has not only stuck with me, it has grown to create other problems. 

I have tried acupuncture, chiropractors, yoga, deep tissue massage, etc., but basically I have learned to live with it as the pain comes and goes.  Perhaps it is age but there are some mornings where getting on pants is not a smooth process.  So, when my friend told me about neuromuscular therapy, I figured why not.

My friend is a personal trainer and he studied the body.  After he went for his session, he told the guy, I've been looking for you my whole life.  So, I went. 

There is a mattress on the floor.  I wore comfy clothes.  I laid down and he basically used his feet to feel my body.  Once he pinpointed the problem, he gets down on the floor and literally does serious deep tissue movements.  Pushing, poking, prodding, pulling etc.  The idea is to open up all the tissues that cross-llink with each other and create adhesions.  These type of conditions can have a negative impact on the body.  If you open up these areas, the pains will go away.  They can obviously come back but you have to start somewhere.

After an hour, I was shattered.  I crawled into bed around 830 that night.  I have been out of whack for 2 days.  Have been drinking lots of water and still feel bruised.  But, the experience was wild and I am going back for round 2. 

Maybe this will be the answer or maybe not.