Signs of Spring

Images Enough already.  But today there were some serious signs of spring.

Fava beans and English peas at the market and on restaurant menus
Sandals one day, rain boots the next
Green, green, green
Birds in the morning
Erratic weather
Winter coats no longer on the street
People on the street
And of course, baseball season

Comments (Archived):

  1. jim forbes

    here in San Diego County my Peaches are ripening and the yellowtail made their first showing in the LAJolla kelp beds. And of course there’s also the first appearance of green canon-ball shaped Reed avocados that in July will weigh 2 pounds each when they’re picked in my orchard here in Escondido, CA.Demand and eat fresh California produce.Jim Forbes

  2. Melissa

    Enjoy it for us in Texas. We skipped Spring and went straight to Summer (today’s high 91F). I’ve already had a dip in the lake and a sunburn.

    1. Gotham Gal

      91 sounds delightful.