What a weekend

07622_mvsstudio  Saturday, Josh became a bar mitzvah.  Our youngest.  This passage just put us into another time period.  We are deep into teenagers that are exiting the nest one after the other.  Strange on so many levels but incredibly gratifying on others.

The whole day was really fantastic.  So many people were there to share in a pretty major event.  One of 07581_mvsstudio activities we had at the party is a photo machine from Mark van S.  I sort of stumbled on him four + years ago.  He was doing an installation at the DKNY store on Madison Avenue.  I  was watching black and white photos rotate on a screen and thought the people looked so natural.  Wondered if it was their latest ad campaign?  The sales person told me he was there from the  the party they had the night before and to go downstairs and have our picture taken.  We did.  I was with Jess and Em.  We were all exhausted, it was late in the day and the photos were beautiful.  The concept is genius.  Not only is it interactive but its fun.  I hired him on the spot. 

07633_mvsstudio He did Emily's party.  From that event, just like any good ponzi scheme, his business has exploded.  We had him back for Josh on Saturday night.  One of the best parts is the next day, when you go on line and see all the photos in the booth, you get to experience a part of the party you weren't at.  Also, people are hilarious when they are in front of a camera by themselves.

Recovering today, I went through the pics.  Hilarious.  I'd hire him again in a heartbeat.  The pictures are of Josh and Em, Jess and Josh and the girls with my nieces.  Sorry they aren't larger but they end up getting blurry when I tried to blow them up.  What I will do is go through the CD he gave me when we left and make an iphoto book.