Five Napkin Burger

200901102028530.Burger, 5 Napkin Burger by Martin Burgess 7 After leaving the theater at the civilized hour of 9pm last night, we went to find a place for a light meal.  Theater started at 7 last night which is music to my ears.  8pm means you have to eat at 6 and ending at 10 or later means eating too late.  So, theater on Tuesday is a favorite.

We strolled over to Esca first.  The four bar seats were taken.  There were definitely some seats available, it was 915, and we would have sat down and ordered perhaps a few appetizers or more but unless we committed to ordering 2 courses, they wouldn't seat us.  I get the rule but it is a Tuesday night, in the theater district at 915 and we are in the midst of a not so great economy.  Whatever.  We left.

Wasn't in the mood but there were 2 seats at the bar at Five Napkin Burger.  Once you walk into the place, your senses take over and you gotta have a burger.  We sat at the bar and split the Original Five Napkin burger.  A 10 ounce burger with comte cheese, caramelized onions on a soft white roll.  We took the rosemary aioli on the side.  Of course, fries come with that.  BTW, the picture above is right off their website and this is exactly what the burger looked like.

If it wasn't for the seriously bad hard rock music, which I attempted to tune out, this is a great little spot.  The burger was really good.  Juicy, flavorful, soft bun, just the right amount of cheese and onions.  Fries were really crispy too.  When all else fails in the theater district ( most of it is always failing ), this is a winner. 

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  1. DonRyan

    I went to 5 Napkin Burger a couple of months ago. Loved the decor and the food but the service was completely lousy. It was a Friday night so some allowance was made for that but the service really wasn’t impressive.

  2. askbusinesscoach

    How well I understand the situation regarding the Theater district and the airy attitude even in a down economy – no way will they give in (Esca). Just way too much snoot toodys for me. I just walk out nowadays, don’t need it. Have not had dinner yet so my mouth was watering when I saw that berger. Just wish that my other half was not a vegan. I’m thinking about which friend I should ask to the theater next week just to bite in.

  3. Jonathan

    this is near my office and I agree, the burgers are quite good … the ahi is also a great choice if you happen to go back.