Got a good pregnancy story?

I have many a good pregnancy story, who doesn't but to be fair, I can't enter this contest as I am an investor in Ricks Picks.  But, for anyone else out there who has a good pregnancy story, this is your moment.  I took this story from Time Out NY that ran an article on the story last week.  Jump in now, the contest ends on May 10th, and winners are announced on Memorial Day weekend.  Come on!!

Got a good pregnancy story?

slices_cropOf course you do. It wouldn’t be pregnancy without a few hilarious anecdotes–and Rick’s Picks wants to hear ‘em. The NYC-based pickle purveyor has teamed up with SMITH Magazine
for a “What’s your pregnancy story?” contest. The rules are simple:
Your tale must be 100 words or less and have some connection to–wait
for it–pickles. Moms-to-be, veteran mamas and even dads are eligible to
enter and the cutoff in May 10, Mother’s Day, of course. Seven
finalists will win Rick’s Picks Pregnancy Packs and copies SMITH’s new book, Not Quite What I was Planning: Six-Word Memoirs By Writers Famous & Obscure.
One grand prizewinner will be featured on a nationally distributed line
of pickles, the aptly named Slices of Life—“the pickle of pregnancy.”
Now that’s sweet…or dill. However you like it. For a full rundown of
the contest, visit SMITH’s website.

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  1. Isis Avent

    Oh no, I missed it, i am sure more contests like this will be coming again, I have a few stories that i could have submitted and could have won the contest!Amber

  2. Medela

    Well Heres my story..(Actually am not not interested in any story contest) I wanted a waterbirth, but things didn’t plan out the way I wanted!Monday 11th June (exactly 1wk before due date) I woke to cramping, I had been having them for about 2 wks previous so I didn’t think anything of it. Then I had my show about 7am. Didn’t tell dh before he went to work as I didn’t want to get his hopes up. Anyway I got a bath to try and ease the backache and decided as it was such a gorgeous day out I would go to the supermarket (about 1/2mile away) and get a few bits, got a Father’s Day card too (just in case). Contractions started at about 11am but no pattern to them (30mins, 20, 45mins etc) so I just rang dh to let him know but not to bother coming home from work as I was fine and it would be hours yet.I got back in the bath about 12pm but didn’t stay in long as the pain was unbearable, took a couple of paracetamol in the hopes it would help (it didn’t!) and rang dh at 1pm telling him he had to come home at dinner time as I couldn’t get my TENS machine in myself. There was still no pattern to the contractions so just double checked my bags were packed, I had my notes etc. Dh rang his mum and she came over about 1.30 by which time contractions were getting more intense and she started to time them, they were now 5 mins apart (how the hell that happened I have no idea!)Dh got home at 1.50 and we got straight in the car and drove to the hospital (about 25 mins away) took me 15 mins to walk from carpark to ward as I was having contractions all the time (at least it felt that way) and they took my onto the maternity ward as they wanted to see if I was in established labour. Tried to check my obs but I coudn’t keep still long enough. Needed the toilet, then my waters broke so I couldn’t move. It was then decided they would take me to labour ward and examine me round there.At this point I was in so much pain and wanted some relief so they fetched me gas and air and I turned my TENS machine up full. On examination the midwife said to me ‘you can start pushing when you get yourself comfy and I was not ready for this; it was only 4 hours since my contractions had started and my bag was still in the car because I thought dh could have some fresh air before things kicked off lolWell after 40 mins of pushing, without the gas and air as I couldn’t concentrate, my darling littlel man was placed on my belly and I forgot all about the pain. The TENS machine had helped me loads, and had been my best friend. I had one stitch which I definitely needed the gas and air for and I continued to have skin-to-skin contact with Sam. He then did the whole self-attachment within 45 mins of being born and I was thrilled.Whilst this did not go to the plan I wanted, I couldn’t wish for a better birth, less than 5 hours from the start of my contractions, very little pain relief and a beautiful baby boy. I’m booking the same kind of birth for my next one (yes there will be another, we were dicussing this on the labour ward lol MW wanted to section me pmsl)