It started with brunch

3477333978_5d6cf0c7f2 As the kids get older, intellectually I know that it is sort of irrelevant if I am hanging around on Saturday but in my heart, I sort of like being there as they come in and out of the house.  Being home every night around 5pm making dinner seems to be embraced at the highest level, the rest, sort of falls in line.  So yesterday, Fred and I were invited to brunch at a friends house and I figured we should absolutely go.

Brunch was great.  Met some new people, all younger and going through the stages of life that Fred and I have already passed through.  Smart, interesting people who I look at and try to remember what I was like at that time in our lives.  Funny being the oldest too although I certainly don't feel that way, I have years of experience under the belt. 

We left brunch and went to a Derby party.  Love the idea.  Every year these friends have a party around the Kentucky Derby.  Betting takes place.  10% of the proceeds end up going to a charity.  This year, the charity was The Century for Discovery.  The event was with mostly downtown families that go to different schools that my kids to go which was nice.  Old faces and new faces.  The event brought back memories.  Growing up, my boyfriends father was a big guy in the horse racing industry.  Actually, my boyfriend followed in his fathers footsteps and is in the industry now too.  We used to go to the Preakness every year.  Sit in the infield with our friends drinking, betting and get hot, sweaty and filthy.  Then we'd go up to the owners box where everyone was decked out in hats, suits, dresses and heels.  It was a real eye opener for me to a world that I didn't grow up in.  Over the years, my boyfriend, worked for the track outside of Boston and I'd go there to see him, place a bet or two and sit up in the main office overlooking the track.  Drinking mint juleps, eating fried chicken, collard greens and pecan pie brought back a flood of great memories.

After the party, we stopped by our house to grab a bottle of wine, four glasses and went to the roof of our concrete project which I like to call our new building, to watch the sunset with friends.  It was beautiful outside.  The sun was setting and there was a nice breeze.  The picture is off our porch.

Next stop, a walk to the river to just hang out.  A few things about the river.  The city did an amazing job.  Also, it is heavily policed.  So, at 10pm at night, it is incredibly safe.  Cops on bicycles.  Park people driving buy on golf carts tugging along trash.  What was really great was one of the park people drove by us and a homeless man who was sitting a little farther down from us.  He stopped, talk to the guy, and then they both went back to what they were doing.  About 15 minutes later, the park guy came by again with a full meal for the homeless guy.  I'd love to know who is providing that meal.  Is it the city, the parks department or a non-profit organization?  So great.  I'd love to give to that group.

We walked over to a new wine bar that is still in its soft opening, real opening on Wednesday night, called Entwine.  On the corner of Washington and 12th Street.  Key to the place, right now, is they have seating outside.  Jessica has been earlier in the day and clued us in.  A long bar, then another room and then outdoor space.  Also, space downstairs that can be rented out.  Basically a wine bar with a few things to eat and some cheese.  Very European and owned by a guy from Turkey that has been here 4 years and family is in the same business back home.  Could become a regular hangout. 

Then it was time to pack it in.  A really nice long NYC day.  I felt like Fred and I were one like one moving party.  The kids, they had their own day, as they kept us posted through BBM and text.  I am pretty sure they didn't miss us one bit. 

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  1. Denny

    Wow. Based on the info on the site I assume you are in Residence 5. $20 million plus $10,000 month in common charges. It’s the sweet life, alright!

  2. Jason Kully

    Hang the rich!

  3. ellen

    People are so crazy. They criticize you if you are poor and they criticize you if you are comfortable.