Fred and I went to see the Management yesterday afternoon.  Management pretty much defines indie film.  Really well done, great character development, some brilliant scenes and a fantastic musical soundtrack.

One of the songs that brought back old memories was Never Been to Spain which was written by Hoyt Axton.  Of course, I found out most of this information when I got home and did a search.  Thank god for the Internet.  Axton was associated with 3 Dog Night and the Kingston Trio.  Never Been to Spain which was covered by 3 Dog Night was also covered by Elvis Presley.  Who knew. 

We listened to the song by a variety of musicians who covered the track when we got home last night.

Here is the one from Elvis.  His voice is just incredible. 

Worth a listen. 

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  1. Johnjr

    Hoyt Axton also was part of the hangaround set. Bob Dylan et al, that was part of the old Gaslight, the basement club that was in the middle of the action on MacDougal Street and is now named the Alibi Room.