Memorial Day Weekend

Images Memorial Day is a kick off to summer.  It is the first journey to the beach.  Cold but warm weather is around the corner. 

I find that when we come out east that I spend more time hanging at home then the city which is a nice change.  I am far from social out here.  Going out for dinner is something I try to avoid for good reason.  On one hand, there are a variety of supposed great restaurants that are such scenes that I try to avoid at all cost and truth be told, the food is just mediocre.  Then there are the local spots which can be good and low key or just god awful.  Somehow there are very few in between.  I guess I could name the few that might fit the bill but all questionable.

Last summer, we went to a local spot in Montauk called Inlet on East Lake Drive.  The food was actually quite good and fresh.  Montauk is very low key, no attitude out there.  Someone sent me an email about checking out the place next door called Fishbar so I figured why not.  I hate to say it but I believe it was the new owners that sent me the email.  New ownership, new chef, etc. 

Fishbar sort of sums up why I prefer to stay home. I won’t even go into detail about the food we ate but nothing was good.  Over peppered tuna tacos, over done fish, heavy handed on everything with nothing tasting that good.  Not the best choice to kick off the summer.  Also, the music was unbearably bad.  But a good reminder which is nothing out here is great but the beaches and the sky are magnificent and so is a home cooked meal.