Mothers Day

Moms I have been in a bit of technology hell and back logged on email.  I am beginning to see the bottom of my desk and my tech problems should be resolved tomorrow when I go to my appointment at the genius bar, genius name. 

Fred got me the Macbook Air for Mothers day.  I was in definite need.  My laptop now makes a noise that sounds like a grinding engine that is in desperate need of a lube job.  Not pretty.  Also, my needs are pretty minimal on a computer and the thought of traveling with something that light is pretty exciting.  The download was not working so off to the genius bar tomorrow to let the geniuses fix it.

The kids got me an array of treats from Foodzie.  I am truly impressed with the amount of interesting artisinal products on the market.  The food industry has changed so dramatically over the past 20 years, it is really amazing.  There are endless possible opportunities in the industry, by city, in places that are making interesting food that is seasonal and local.  The Greenmarkets are growing.  The flood of websites crop up daily.  Interesting space that has really filled a void for the countless amount of foodies that have sprouted up all over the place.  I would be one of them.

Here are the goodies I got.  Two items from Laura's Little Sweets.  One is a organic oreo sandwich.  Sort of looks like a moonpie. 
Dark chocolate cake for the outside sandwich which is rich but not too rich and is like a really perfect Devil's food cake.  Inside is a soft vanilla
frosting that is not too buttery and almost has the consistency of a
whipped cream.  Excellent.  The other item from Laura's Little Sweets
is the peanut butter cup
What is nice about them is that they look, feel and taste completely
homemade.  The only thing is that they are so incredibly rich that one
bite and you are done.  You don't have to be done but you should be.

Next was Brazilian Honey Cakes from Kika's Treats covered in dark chocolate.  I really liked the consistency and flavor of the dark chocolate with the soft cake inside.  But Lene, who works for us and is Brazilian, says they don't compare to the ones in Brazil.  She would know.  Brazilians are sweet freaks.

Not sweet was the jar of crushed heirloom tomatoes from Happy Girl Kitchen.  Haven't opened that yet but plan to sometime soon.  She makes everything from canned tomatoes to jams to pickles.  A little competition on a few items with Ricks Picks but you can buy Ricks on Foodzie too. 

Next item, bacon box.  Yes, chocolate covered bacon.  This also came with dark chocolate caramels with a little sea salt on top.  I do like bacon but this particular treat was didn't sit well with me.  We all gave it a thumbs down but my brother and his girls loved it (Valentines Day gift) so there you go.  The caramels were quite tasty and the salt kicks in last which is nice.

The last on the list is the 479 Popcorn sampler.  I love popcorn.  There are variety of flavors.  Sea salt, caramel, sugar cinnamon and paprika.  So far, I have dug into the caramel which is my fave and it is really good. Light and crispy. 

They went a little overboard.  As much as I like the food, I am not sure how much I like it around.  Hopefully by the weekend, the kids friends will have raided each item and we can move into the next round.