Hazelnut_pancake_mix_and_stack_freddy_guys_foodzie_giant On the weekend, breakfast is more of a treat.  The ritual is basically the same.  Fred gets the bagels when he returns from some form of exercise.  Then I make the eggs and toast the bagels.  Eventually everybody wakes up and makes their way through the kitchen.  Josh definitely expects the bagels to be here. 

Once in a while, generally after Josh has had a handful of kids spend the night, I will make a batch of pancakes.  As a whole, I am not a huge pancake girl.  Tastes better going down.  But, I was sent a mix of Hazelnut Pancakes from Foodzie to try out. 

I made the entire package.  Had four 13 year old boys here for breakfast.  They can put it away.  These are not your standard starch central pancakes.  They are light, airy and as Josh put it, it tastes like a nutella pancake.  They are fantastic.  I am going to keep this in the pantry vs Bisquick or making my own.  Josh even asked if they had buttermilk in them because they were so tasty and light.  Nope.  Just add milk and eggs and you are good to go. You could also make crepes but I opted for the pancakes.

Delicious!  I plan on spending a little time on Foodzie today to stock up the pantry for Memorial Day Weekend.