The meal we wanted all weekend..

Fish We rolled out of the east end early due to forgotten homework in the city.  It is always a sweet thing when there is no traffic.  I made it back, including 2 pits stops, in a little over 2 1/2 hours.  Love that. 

Unpacked and went grocery shopping to fill up for the week ahead.  I got the chance to make the dinner we had all been craving all weekend. 

Grilled yellow peppers, radicchio, asparagus, zucchini and a thinly sliced burrato on Veggies the side.  All tossed with some olive oil and sea salt before hitting up the grill.  The main course, grilled Sea Bream.  I stuffed each fish with sliced lemons, chopped shallots and a handful of basil.  Wrapped each with a little bit of twine and stuffed a sliced lemon underneath after dousing the fish with basil oil, olive oil and salt. 

I kept thinking about the shitty food in the Hamptons this weekend and am looking forward to some serious cooking this summer.