What is next?

Images In the past few weeks, life has become beyond busy.  As I am a person who never likes to have many things left on their to do list when going to sleep at night.  For so long I have been searching for something to do.  It is funny how in many ways I have fallen back on what I really enjoy.

I am spending a lot time on the network circuit.  Interesting and thought provoking yet really bad on the waistline.  I am juggling a variety of balls in the air. 

Today I talked to someone to help me redesign my blog.  Very excited about that.  I signed up to help MOUSE do a capital campaign, I am doing a fundraiser for Chris Quinn, am thinking about doing some work in her office although the Government thing makes me take pause, I am getting re-involved with the Pier 40 solution, I am getting off the school board,  I am trying to help and advise both Curbed and Ricks Pick and not as much time in the restaurant investment which is fine, I am doing a lot of work on the new apartment and building and then of course, there is the family stuff.  Making dinner, getting ready for camp, figuring out life in general.  Seeing friends some days too.  Owning my day as I see fit. 

After a meeting today at breakfast, I realized how much I truly love the deal.  I love growing something.  Listening to all the things my breakfast partner was doing got me so excited.  I wanted to jump right in.  Not as interested once something is grown but getting it there is the fun part.  I love the big picture and being involved with strategies on how to get there.  It is rewarding. 

As much as I enjoy the food thing (as I have thought about opening up a store), I think my heart belongs in exactly what I am doing now.  Many balls in the air, talking to really interesting people and hopefully seeing closure on some of these deals and then putting new things into the pipeline.

I am beginning to see a clearer light at the end of this next tunnel and it feels great.  At least today. 

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  1. fredwilson

    great post gotham galyou are deal junky, i know one when i see one