A leap of faith

Images Last night we went to an event to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the New Shul.  It is quite impressive that 2 women, who worked together in the theater, decided to create a new synagogue.  They had no money, no rabbi and no space.  What they did was take a leap of faith. 

I am a huge believer in the leap of faith.  You feel it in your gut and just jump in with 2 feet.  That is what the 2 founders did here.  That is what the 2 guys did with the Highline too.  Entrepreneurs generally start their companies with the same head.  If they knew what they were getting themselves into they probably would have never done it. 

The co-founder spoke about their leap of faith in her speech.  It was really wonderful as she talked about what they didn't have or couldn't do was the absolute success to the synagogue. 

Congratulations to the New Shul and the founders who really created something out of nothing.  That alone is worth a standing ovation. 

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  1. Emily

    I agree, as an entrepreneur you have to make that big jump. When we first arrived to TechStars last summer, we were talking to a mentor (an experienced entrepreneur) that had come up with the same business idea as Foodzie and then decided not to do it. He told us “You are lucky to be young enough to have no idea how hard this is going to be.” He was right, we had an idea we were really passionate about and we just decided to jump in and go for it. And yes, now in the day to day grind, we do see how hard it is, but we are passionate enough about what we do to constantly try new things to make this business succeed.