Diane Birch

Diane  We went to see Diane Birch at Joe's Pub last night.  Always have been a fan of Joe's Pub.  Small intimate atmosphere that gives you the feeling of being in the musicians living room.

Diane Birch, has been making the way through the blogging scene, particularly with the "mommy" bloggers.  That is certainly a wide category but each of these women are market makers in their own community.  Steve Greenberg, of SCurve, is the genius behind using the internet with the musicians he represents.  In full disclosure, we are investors in SCurve records.

I have always been impressed with Steve's pulse on music that he believes in but I have been more impressed with his fundamental understanding on how to use the web to expand his artist's audience.  He gets social networking, he gets twitter, he gets the blogging community etc.  Where there are so many companies who know they have to use it but are so secretive and don't understand it is the transparency that is one of the keys.

I am personally not a huge fan of Diane's music but she is absolutely young, talented and enjoying the music.  I'm glad we had the opportunity to see her and all the fans that came out for the show.