Everyday Rapture

Rapture2190 After attempting to get to see Everyday Rapture three separate times, we finally got there last night.  I was a bit ambivalent considering the play is a musical but the reviews were great.  Also, the play is one and a half hours without intermission and figured, why not. 

Everyday Rapture is in essence a one woman play starring Sherie Rene Scott although there are 2 other backup singers, a young boy and a 5 piece band behind the screen that the audience can see.  It is truly all about Sherie Rene Scott.  It is a pseudo-memoir of her life.  Starting in Kansas, in a mennonite (sort of), god loving family where she loved Jesus and Judy (Judy Garland). 

The play is full of hilarious lines as Scott openly analyzes her thoughts.  She has a true love for Mr. Rogers, had a gay cousin who died of AIDS, an her father had enough of the church thing as he told the family "let the neighbors build their own fucking barn". 

She is the star and she is a star.  She has more talent built in to her than most people have in their little finger.  Her voice is incredible and she belts out the songs in between telling her tale.  Her face reacts to each situation differently.  No wonder she has such an interesting career in theater.

Scott has a serious resume although she calls herself a semi-star but through this particular production, she has definitely moved from semi-star to top billing.   

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  1. MissPinkKate

    I’ve been surprised at how well-received this show is. I saw it, and found it preachy, bloated, and booooooooring. There were some great moments (the part with Eamen Fooley was worth the price of admission), but it didn’t save the show, IMHO.

    1. Gotham Gal

      I hear you. Some of it didn’t rock my boat, but for me to sit through amusical for one and a half hours was a huge accomplishment. Some I liked,others not so much but she is fantastic.

  2. harpos_blues

    Sherie Rene Scott also founded a record label (with here husband, dedicated to preserving original cast and solo recordings by Broadway artists. The website for Sh-K-Boom Records / Ghostlight Records is here:Sh-K-Boom Records / Ghostlight Recordshttp://www.sh-k-boom.com/

    1. Gotham Gal

      I read that in her bio. I assume there is a pretty nice sized audience outthere for Sh-K-Boom records.