Harris Lieberman Gallery


My friends, who owns the Harris Lieberman gallery, let me have a fundraiser at their space the other night.  First of all, that is a huge mitzvah in itself and very much appreciated but the added bonus is that the exhibit up now is absolutely worth going to see.

The art world, like many industries, is going through change.  Collectors are still collecting but many have put their passion on hold while others have left the game completely.  Galleries are struggling but in turn that affects so many artists who can't sell their work.  Where do these artists go?  Do they end up in different careers because the art world has changed?  I don't know the answer but maybe new business will crop up that will give artists the opportunity in different forums to get their work to the collector.  Regardless, I'd like to see more transparency from the art world and thoughts from the leaders in the industry.  My friends who own the Harris Lieberman gallery are certainly some of those people and their voice would be an interesting one to read daily.

Even if you aren't a collector but do love the arts, I strongly suggest going to see this exhibit.  The artist is Karl Haendl.  The installation is very cool and the work is charcoals.  Huge pieces and small. Some of the work is so perfect in detail that it appears as if you are looking at a photograph.  The work represents past references to our history with small pieces of his life intertwined.  Socially responsibility comes to mind.  Loved it. 

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  1. Dylan

    I found your post very interesting. I have been thinking, even prior to the downturn, that the archaic system for discovering artists and them selling their works to collectors was due for change. The top tier of collectors don’t need gallery owners to introduce them to new artists since they are just as plugged in to the art world and the “average” collector has a hard time stomaching the markups that galleries need to charge to stay in business.The internet hasn’t even changed the model substantially. I am working on an art collective site that I honestly hope changes the way artists can market themselves to a broad audience. I would love to hear your feedback on the business model. http://www.artadviser.com

    1. Gotham Gal

      An interesting model. It is probably a step in the right direction. Theartists on the site is quite broad where as galleries tend to focus on asmaller group of artists that represent the sensibility of the galleryowners. In order for any of these new models to work, it is probablyimportant for some large names (who have already established themselves inthe art world ) let their work be sold through this medium. If one site wasgeared towards photographers another figurative paintings, etc.I do believe that the timing is right for some changes in this industry.