Josh goes to camp

 Yesterday we dropped Josh off at the camp bus.  I remember the days when we used to drop all 3 kids off at the camp bus.  Seems like yesterday.  Now, everybody is doing their own thing. 

Josh went to camp for four years with his sisters then they bagged camp.  The next year Josh went to a different camp which was not a big hit.  The following summer we all went to Paris to live which was probably better for the four of us than it was for Josh.  After all, he was a 12 year old boy and doing the cultural thing daily got to be a bit much.  This year, he opted for returning to another camp with his friend (pictured above).  We will see how it goes.  His fear is that the landscape changes but the clientele doesn't.  I get it.

He is certainly at the age to figure it out himself.  If he absolutely abhors the experience, there is always the pick up method.  I would have never done that 4 years ago but at this point, he knows the drill.  Fingers crossed.