Judge Josh

Josh  At the end of the 7th grade curriculum, there is always a mock trial at the court house on Jay Street in Brooklyn.  It is a great event.  Even Emily was espousing how much she learned from it.  The trial is the Denver Dispatch vs. the United States.  The Denver Dispatch basically wrote articles pointing to facilities in Denver that were manufacturing anthrax for the Government.  The Government made the point that National Security was above the First Amendment and the Denver Dispatch argued that Freedom of Speech was more important since there was no proof that the information they were providing would be a threat to terrorism. 

What is the most interesting is not only seeing how the kids make their case to the judges but learn that everything is must be argued on the basis of the Constitution period. 

The verdict has not been handed down yet but I do remember that when Jessica's class had the same trial the US Government won and when Emily did the trial, the Denver Dispatch won.  Or the other way around but different verdicts.

All and all, between the judges and lawyers, it was incredibly entertaining.